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The Story of Us

Every thought. Every word. Every action.

Our story began during the 2020 COVID 19 Pandemic and Civil Rights Movement. We are a group of parents and professionals, watching the world respond to the effects of global traumatic events. And what we realize is-we all need each other. We realize that no one thrives in isolation and that we need to find new ways to connect, to commune, and seek support. We envision building a world where all people can live and thrive in healthy, connected relationships. And that is how Shape Our Village was born. We welcome you into this community with open arms. We hope you feel known, appreciated, and accepted for who you are. We hope to help you develop the tools to become your best self and create a life of fullness for yourself, your family, and your world.

About Us


We believe that we are all connected and that each choice we make has an impact on ourselves, our families, our communities, and our planet. We believe we were meant to learn, live and thrive within community and that each person has value to that community. Using strategies such as partnerships with clients, actionable skills practice, coaching models, and accountability partners, we envision building a world where all people can live and thrive in healthy, connected relationships.




To provide a comprehensive source hosted by experts and specialists for individuals and families to access support in the areas of Emotional Wellness, Social Wellness, Physical Wellness, Mental Wellness, Financial Wellness, Environmental Wellness, and Spiritual Wellness that builds happy and healthy relationships in an inclusive and equitable community.

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Our Team

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Ericka Braggs, BCBA

The road I’ve traveled began as a student who struggled to learn in the traditional classroom and has landed me with a Masters in counseling and a Board Certification for Behavior Analysis. I believe that there is a path forward for every child and every family if we take a holistic and systematic approach. I have 20 years experience in education spanning TK - college, and from Chicago to Manila to San Diego. I have a passion for figuring out where we as humans get jammed up and how to get us unstuck. 


As founder and coach, I will partner with you to explore the many possibilities that you have in each moment to shape your path toward the future you envision. I look forward to working with you.


Venessa Tostado, MS, Pursuing BCBA

Venessa Tostado is an aspiring BCBA with a Bachelors of Science in Marine Science from Stony Brook University. After spending years in a career fueled by her love of the environment and animals, she received her Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University. Venessa's passion for people has driven her to complete the Growing Opportunities for Leadership Development certification program, giving her the ability to maximize the potential of her peers by building effective teams. She believes with good leadership, consistency, and teamwork, dynamic problems are broken down into manageable solutions. Above all, Venessa is a mom to a baby girl who shares her love of the outdoors and motivates her to aim higher in all she does.


Treichae Holmes, MS, BCBA, LBA, CD

Treichae Holmes is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst . She serves caregivers, employers, and educators of individuals with neurodiverse needs through evidence-based coaching and training. Her specific area of expertise is in helping parents meet the unique needs of their children through evidence-based practices that put the needs of their child first. She has over 12 years of experience in the field of behavior analysis and likes to use her knowledge of the science, and experience as both an Autistic woman and as a parent of an Autistic child, to help individuals navigate the needs of their loved ones ages 2-40. Additionally, she is a birth and postpartum doula.




San Marcos, TX

"It is a very challenging situation when you are providing parenting counseling for parents living in different households. Both households have to be practicing the same parenting for any counseling to be effective. I noticed in my 6 sessions that you did a really good job of this. Making sure we were both practicing the same newly acquired skills. One of the biggest challenges we were having was that our child was playing both parents in different households off of each other. If one of us had a rule that she didn’t like, she would cry and ask for the other parent. Throughout the 6 sessions we worked on many skills that completely eliminated this ongoing problem from our lives. We both developed some skills and language that will be part of our daily lives until she is 18, or probably even into her 20’s and 30’s lol. For example, instead of just punishing her, we would have activities she liked that were scheduled throughout the day, which we threaten to take away if she doesn’t listen. Before our sessions, we would only focus on what punishment we could do now and not think towards the future. Another example is rewarding her good behavior. Instead of always being in the moment when she is good and reacting when she is bad, we react when she is good instead. There are so many takeaways that I continue to use in my parenting repertoire. I really appreciate the time we had together and know that your programs are going to help people around the country. Thanks again!"


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