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The Story of Us

Every thought. Every word. Every action.

Our story began during the 2020 COVID 19 Pandemic and Civil Rights Movement. We are a group of parents and professionals, watching the world respond to the effects of global traumatic events. And what we realize is-we all need each other. We realize that no one thrives in isolation and that we need to find new ways to connect, to commune, and seek support. We envision building a world where all people can live and thrive in healthy, connected relationships. And that is how Shape Our Village was born. We welcome you into this community with open arms. We hope you feel known, appreciated, and accepted for who you are. We hope to help you develop the tools to become your best self and create a life of fullness for yourself, your family, and your world.

About Us


We use art and science to intentionally shape a connected and thriving village.



We use lessons from the past, art, and science to shape a village that allows for individual, collective, and environmental wellness. We support healthy relationships in an inclusive and equitable community.

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"It is a very challenging situation when you are providing parenting counseling for parents living in different households.

"Thank you for creating something that helped us see our way through the barriers." -Parent

"Throughout the first 6 sessions we worked on many skills that completely eliminated this ongoing problem from our lives." -Parent

"There are so many takeaways that I continue to use in my parenting repertoire. I really appreciate the time we had together and know that your programs are going to help people around the country." -Parent

“For the first time we felt like we weren’t being judged. We were able to share exactly what we were going through and have an action plan forward and through. I can’t thank you enough!” -Parent

“There are so many great tips and tricks out there but it is hard to take what I see and know what to change. This was a step by step system to getting my family system to function in a way that worked for everyone. Highly recommend.” -Parent

“This is exactly what we need for parents to engage.” -BCBA

“The program is structured and organized.” -BCBA

“One of my concerns about parent engagement and education is that parents may tell me things that are outside my scope. This helps by giving me the tools to build a relationship and respond when parent concerns are outside my scope. I feel comfortable using this and it reduces the anxiety that comes with building relationships with clients and families.” -BCBA


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