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Ericka Smith

The road I’ve traveled began as a student who struggled to learn in the traditional classroom and has landed me with a Masters in counseling and a Board Certification for Behavior Analysis. I believe that there is a path forward for every child and every family if we take a holistic and systematic approach. I have 20 years experience in education spanning TK - college, and from Chicago to Manila to San Diego. I have a passion for figuring out where we as humans get jammed up and how to get us unstuck. 

As co-founder and coach, I will partner with you to explore the many possibilities that you have in each moment to shape your path toward the future you envision. I look forward to working with you.

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Nora Menzies

Nora Menzies is a co-founder and coach at Shape Our Village. In her role as a coach, Nora partners with families in order to solve problems, create customized plans, and provide support. When children are struggling, it can often throw the entire family into turmoil and conflict. As a coach, Nora helps to return balance and harmony to the family unit.  
Nora is a veteran elementary school educator and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She is also a co-instructor for Arizona State University’s masters program in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis. Nora believes that everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge and skills that they have. She is passionate about removing stigmas around behavior and helping people build the skills and remove barriers to meaningful connection and happy relationships. 
Nora is the mom to active and fun four year old boy and a loving senior schnauzer. She is a San Diego native who loves cooking, hiking, entertaining, and frequent trips to the beach. She welcomes the chance to become part of your village and help you on your parenting journey.


Shawna Benge

Shawna Benge is a co-founder and coach at Shape Our VIllage. In her role as a coach, Shawna partners with families in order to identify challenges, design individualized plans for support, and provide partner coaching to implement support. When a child shows a need for specialized care, it can lead to frustration and sometimes despair in families not equipped to support them. As a coach, Shawna connects families and individuals to strategies and resources necessary for building their ability to confidently support their child. 
Shawna is a veteran Education Specialist with extensive work in Behavioral/Emotional Disabilities. She is also a Program Specialist for Learning Support and Student Engagement. Shawna is dedicated to supporting families and individuals to build healthy habits and connections to live and thrive.
Shawna is the proud and crazed mom of two precocious boys, ages 12 and 17. She finds joy in nature, food, and traveling. She looks forward to partnering with you to build a deeper understanding of your child and your family in a supportive village community.